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Baladerma 1 oz

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Quick Overview

Tightens the Skin from Within!

Baladerma (balancing our skin) enhances our organic proprietary Foundation blend with organic lavender, chamomile, rose, neroli, baobob and other proprietary organic botanicals.

The target of Baladerma is to bring our skin, the largest organ of our body, back into balance and support our production of colleges and elastin, to primary proteins for the skin.

Our proprietary botanicals compliment the foundation of organic CBD, coconut, hemp and olive oil, increasing the research of how each of those wonderful oils benefit in anti-aging and improved skin quality, overall balance and beauty.

Baladerma can be used directly on our skin to address problem areas. A drop or two a few times per day can assist clearing up skin challenges. Baladerma can also be taken internally as these organic botanicals have no known adverse reactions.

A few drops under the tongue or added to a meal or snack. You’ll discover this habit enhances the flavor of salads, soups, cereal, just about any foods. Have fun taking the flavor of your food up a notch, knowing that you’re also taking your health up a notch by adding CBD and our HPB organic blends found in all of our CBD product line!


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